What are e-statements?

E-statements are the electronic version of paper statements.  They provide a way to access your statement from your phone, computer, or tablet. 


Enroll and receive these benefits:

    • Convenience

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      A notification email will be sent when your statement is ready to view within Online Access.

    • Security

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      Reduce the risk of mail fraud and enjoy secure access to your information when you log in to Online Access.

    • Paperless

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      Reduce clutter and your carbon foot print. Statements can viewed, printed, or downloaded as needed.

Signing up is quick and easy!

Follow the steps below to enroll in e-statements and other paperless options:

  • Click on “Online Access” (located in the top right corner of every page) to log in*
  • Select the “Profile & Settings” tab
  • Select the “Paperless Options” tab
  • Select the paperless options of your choice
  • Click “Save Options”

An email will be sent each quarter to notify you when your e-statement is ready to be viewed within Online Access. 


*Contact us at 1.800.253.5544 for assistance or to establish an account.